Alex Constantinou  
Graphic Butchery


This site features some 'choice cuts' of work and various 'off cuts' that never made it to the table. Seemed a shame to throw them away, as it were. Proper grown up case studies are coming soon... when i have the time, maybe.

Currently head of design at Fitzroy, I've had my fingers in many pies. I've designed, concepted, hired, peered and motivated other designers. I’m a hands on creative… comfortable in various roles.

I literally have oodles of design experience, which I enjoy imparting to juniors, interns and other designers through mentoring, nurturing and the odd raised eyebrow and unimpressed expression.

My advice to anyone about to embark on an exciting design career or those out there having a creative mid life crisis, is to relax and just enjoy what you do. I mean, its not rocket science, design is an intuitive and mentally refreshing activity. If you enjoy what you do, have fun while you do it and have a good team around you, then you can create pretty much anything. Stop moaning that the budget is too small, that your power mac is too slow, that you don’t have the resources… Just get on and do it. Times'a wasting... now get out there and make something awesome.

As for me, all I’ve ever wanted to do is create beautiful engaging work. Work that I’m proud of, work that I can hold up to my mum and say “Mum! Look what I made!” In the end... isn’t that what we all want?

I also like snowboarding & cooking.

Thanks for listening.


ADCN nomination 2018 - Fitzroy Rum

Wallpaper magazine feature - Fitzroy Rum

Global Packaging Award 2018 - Fitzroy Rum

German Design Award 2018 - Fitzroy Rum

Silver Esprix Award 2017 - Zilveren Kruis BND

Golden Spin Award 2017 - Doritos VR Battle

Golden Effie Award 2016 - Doritos Drone Race

San Accent Award 2016 - Oiko Credit

Gold Echo Award 2014 - NN Pechmonitor

Silver Echo Award 2014 - Hi Geslaagd

Silver Echo Award 2014 - Ditzo Kijk Kanker

Bronze Esprix Award 2014 - NN Pechmonitor

Bronze Esprix Award 2014 - Hi Geslaagd

San Accent 2014 - Hi TweetFighter

FWA - mobile 2013 - Hi TweetFighter

Lovie Award 2013 - Hi TweetFighter

San Accent 2013 - Pepsi Kick in the Mix

San Accent 2013 - Lays Maak de Smaak Battle

MMMA 2013 - Hi TweetFighter

Spin Award 2013 - Silver - Lays Maak de Smaak Battle

Spin Award 2012 - silver - Duyvis Russian roulette

Esprix award 2012 - Duyvis Russian roulette

Website of the Year 2011 -

San Accent award - Philips LED lighting

Bronze Esprix award - Philips LED lighting

Gold Esprix award – screen washers

Bronze IMC Award - screen washers

Silver Esprix award – Delete 2009

San Accent award – Delete 2009

Website of the month – New Media Age. - Cystic Fibrosis Trust site design

Work featured in the Web Index Vol 3 - Big B website

2008 website of the year – - DokterDokter site design

BT Digital award for innovation shortlisted – Sellaband website

Accenture innovation award –

Uitreking M&E innovation award –

Van Speijk Award –

BBC news television feature –

Guardian newspaper feature –

And my mum thinks I’m awesome.